Sunday, September 14, 2008

China Insurance Regulatory Commission

The China Insurance Regulatory Commission, or CIRC, is an agency of China authorized by the to regulate the Chinese insurance products and services market and maintain legal and stable operations of insurance industry. It was founded on November 18, 1998, upgraded from a semi-ministerial to a ministerial institution in 2003, and currently has 31 local offices in every province except Taiwan.


The main functions of the CIRC is:


Internal Setup of the CIRC is:

*General Office
*Development and Reform Department
*Finance and Accounting Department
*Property Insurance Regulatory Department
*Personal Insurance Regulatory Department
*Insurance Intermediaries Regulatory Department
*Insurance Fund Management Regulatory Department
*International Department
*Legal Affairs Department
*Statistics and IT Department
*Local Offices Administration Department
*Personnel and Education Department
*Disciplinary Inspection Department

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