Sunday, September 14, 2008

China Securities Regulatory Commission

The China Securities Regulatory Commission is an institution of the of the People's Republic of China . It is the main regulator of the PRC.

Its functions are similar to that of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission in the United States.

Among its responsibilities include:
* Formulating policies, laws and regulations concerning markets in and futures contracts.
* Overseeing issuing, trading, custody and settlement of equity shares, bonds, investment funds.
* Supervising listing, trading and settlement of futures contracts; futures exchanges; securities and futures firms.

The headquarters for the China Securities Regulatory Commission is in Beijing.
Focus Place 19, Jin Rong Street, West District Beijing 100032.

Organization Structure

*General Office
*Department of Public Offering Supervision
*Department of Market Supervision
*Departmentof Intermediary Supervision
*Department of Listed Company Supervision
*Department of Investment Fund Supervision
*Department of Futures Supervision
*Enforcement Bureau I
*Enforcement Bureau II
*Department of Legal Affairs
*Department of Accounting
*Department of International Cooperation
*Department of Personnel & Education
*Publicity Office of the CPC CSRC Committee
*Compliances Office
*CPC CSRC Committee
*Research Center
*Office of Branches Coordinating Committee
*Information Center
*Headquarter Service Center

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