Sunday, September 14, 2008

China Meteorological Administration

The China Meteorological Administration or CMA , headquartered in Beijing, is the national weather service for the People's Republic of China.


The agency was originally established in December 1949 as the the Central Military Commission Meteorological Bureau. In 1994 the CMA was transformed from a subordinate governmental body into one of the public service agencies under the .

Meteorological bureaus are established in 31 , and , excluding meteorological services at Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan. 14 meteorological bureaus at sub-provincial cities including 4 cities which have been specifically designated in the state development plan), 318 meteorological bureaus at prefecture level and 2,300 bureaus at county level.

Subordinate bodies under the CMA

*National Meteorological Centre
*National Satellite Meteorological Centre
*National Climate Centre
*National Meteorological Information Centre
*Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences
*Atmospheric Observation Technology Centre
*China Meteorological Administration Training Centre
*Department of Capital Construction & Real Estate Management
*Logistic Service Centre
*Audio-Visual Publicity Center
*China Meteorological News Press, and Meteorological Press.

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