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Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China

The Vice Premier of the People's Republic of China , otherwise known as the Vice Premier of the , is a high-ranking executive assistant to the . There is an Executive Vice-Premier, who takes over duties of the Premier at the time of the latter's incapacity. In addition, there are numerous other Vice-Premiers who assume certain broad s.

Current Vice-Premiers, in order of rank, are Li Keqiang, Hui Liangyu, Zhang Dejiang and Wang Qishan.

In irregular instances, the position of an "Executive Vice-Premier" or "First Vice-Premier" has been named either to indicate degree of power, nominal power, or when the Premier is incapacitated and requires a full time assistant to carry out his regular duties. Notable Executive Vice-Premiers have included:
*Deng Xiaoping, during the illness of Zhou Enlai, 1973—1976, again after political rehabilitation under Premier Hua Guofeng, 1978—1983.
*Wan Li, under Premier Zhao Ziyang's second term, 1983-1988
*Yao Yilin, under Premier Li Peng's first term, 1988-1993
*Zhu Rongji, under Premier Li Peng's second term, 1993-1998
*Li Lanqing, under Premier Zhu Rongji, 1998-2003
*Huang Ju, under Premier Wen Jiabao, 2003-2007
*''The post was vacant between Huang's death and the 2008 National People's Congress.''
*Li Keqiang, under Premier Wen Jiabao, 2008-

List of Executive Vice-Premiers and Vice Premiers

Ordered in political position ranking

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